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Make your business profile stand out with video

Give your customers a fantastic first impression when they visit your website and social pages.

With Aviator Creative’s Business Profile Video Packages you are able to introduce your business in the best possible manner giving customers the chance to not only to see what you do but hear what existing clients have to say using your services.

See below for the range of video styles on offer:

Profile Videos (Long) - A 90-second video used as an introduction to your business. Ideal to live on the front page of your website so visitors understand who you are and what you do.

Profile Videos (Short) - A shorter version of your profile video that runs for 30 seconds. These are great for social pages where you need to be short and sharp in delivering your message to your audience.

Video Bites - Let the visuals do the talking here! With no script, let imagery of your business do the selling for you! Really effective on social media where time and attention spans are short to capture your audience.

Testimonial Videos - One of the best ways to build trust with potential clients is to let them hear from your existing client base. Let the world hear why they need to work with you.

Facebook Cover Video - Everyone loves a video, and what better way to make your Facebook page pop with a video cover!

Staff Headshots - Nothing better than seeing some great profile photos of the team behind the business.

Business Site Photos - A great way to promote your business is by showing people around the property. And sometimes a storefront photo will make it a little easier to locate you.

Contact us today to discuss further or to create your own custom video profile package.

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