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Short videos that sell your business on Social Media

We are all looking to find great content to use on our social media platforms. The problem is who has the time to continue to create it, do the editing then finally post it all?!

Why not try out one of Aviator Creative’s Social Media Video Packages. These are designed to provide you with some great content to use to promote your business and appeal to your current and potential customers.

See below for the range of video styles on offer:

Scripted Videos - 20-40 second videos that are a great way to promote your business to your customers whether it be promotional videos, news, tips, how-to’s or FAQ style. Don’t worry about forgetting your lines as we’ll use a teleprompter to ensure your video stays on message - we’ll even write your script for you.

Testimonial Videos - What better way to promote your business than glowing feedback from your customers. A short 20-30 second testimonial video gives potential clients the chance to see why other customers love working with your business.

Video Bites Clips - Short and to the point, these are our social media video bites are a great way to showcase your business. Keeping these short and simple keeps viewers engaged for the full video. Ready to use, so you don’t need to think about what to post.

Basic Video Clips - Our basic clips are simply just that! We select the best short video clips from our shoot, for you to use at your own discretion. Add your own message to them or string a few together to create some great content.

Contact us today to discuss further or to create your own custom social media video package.

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